Monday, 15 March 2010

Busy Weekend.

Umm. Five days since my last post and what have we done? Lots actually :0)
The Girl went to the theatre with some friends to see Huck which , by all accounts, she enjoyed. The main thing she wanted to know was why it was ok to smoke on stage when you're not allowed to smoke anywhere else in the bulding. Not that she smokes, obviously. She's only 9. That was Thursday. She did some maths before she went and a page about verbs.
The Boy in the meantime watched Scooby Doo in French = how-to-get-to-watch-more-TV lesson no.1 - choose a foreign language on the DVD audio menu. He did some maths too for his FIAR book. I'll do a separate post about this when I get my camera back....
They both went to choir and then home to bed so I could write my essay - which I am still doing now as you can tell :0)
What did we do Friday? Coo, seems ages ago now.... more maths, playing out, read about Tornadoes, hid in the cellar from an imaginary tornado and both kiddywinkles twisted like cogs around each other pretending to be wind, rain and hail etc as they acted out being tornadoes. Not that you'd think they'd need much practice judging by the child debris strewn around our house!
Then we went swimming with some friends, nearly got lost coming home trying to avoid rush hour traffic but actually ended up being quicker.
Saturday was Science. Happy children :0) We made pet tornadoes and a jar of smog. That definitely made a big impression. The Boy has been telling everyone he meets all about them with very detailed instructions. Even the bloke who came to plaster the hole that got made on the stairs when we were moving a wardrobe.....
The afternoon was spent at the Music for Youth Festival that her choir was singing in. What a lovely afternoon.
Mother's Day :0) I got a lovely bracelet of purple and blue beads and a card that The Girl made at Brownies and a photoframe from The Boy. Unfortunately for him (or me?) he's too young to go to any groups that do that kind of thing so he was a bit unprepared. Not so his ingenious sister who raided the random present drawer for the photoframe and recycled the card she gave me last Mother's Day by putting stickers with his name on over where her name was written :0) She was the one who worked out how to make the pet tornadoes work properly too.....
I also got breakfast in bed and the all important cup o' tea. I even got a text from my eldest ;0) Well chuffed!
The rest of the day involved lots of family, a dance mat party and meeting up with old friends who we haven't seen for two years. Not that you'd have known it, the kids all got on like a house on fire and built den city in my extremely patient and tolerant mate's living room.
Today it was back to the grind, yes, they did some maths, decoded the letter received for tomorrow's story circle session, played with Barbie's, played Muzzy on the computer, played out, had tea with friends, played games, went to Brownies, read books, danced, did puzzles, went exploring, read more books and went to bed. Which is where I'm going too. G'night.

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