Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Still no camera :0(

I really must get on to my son and find out if he's finished with my camera yet.....
We had another local group meeting today, this time the theme was Incas. We had a variety of activities, maps, planting, potato printing, gold mask making, story writing, Macchu picchu stuff, crime and punishment games and spicy hot chocolate :0) The best bit. Yum!
Me and The Girl did a bit of research the night before, reading this and doing the question sheets at the back. It must've been a freebie at some time - I collect them ;0) Luckily, someone on one of the forums I'm on suggested checking your PC when you need something rather than trawling the internet,just in case you already have it. So I did, and I had. Hurrah! I'm glad we took the time to read it all as it inspired her to come up with a game to show their crime and punishment system. Surprisingly, all the children were happy to have their hands amputated and be pushed off a cliff ;0/
The Girl spent ages on Tuesday writing out her letter for Story Circle. She translated it into code too. I think it took about 3 hours altogether and looked beautiful when she'd done. She even decorated her own writing paper. Made me wonder how kids in school get on. How do they fit in all the things they have to do every day? Or do they never get to finish anything properly or to the best of their ability or to a quality they're happy with?
We had to go into town that day as well. It was a bit weird really as we walked from the car park to the opticians and saw no other children at all! Not even pushchairs. I felt like Caractus Potts having just landed in Vulgaria with my two and had to stop myself looking for the child catcher. Ice-cream! Lollipops! All free today!!
You see, I do need my camera... photos are better than waffle :0)

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