Saturday, 10 October 2009

Fluffy animals

There was great excitement here yesterday, my beautiful girl won a competition that she'd entered in National Geographic Kids :0) A HUGE box containing 5!!!! LARGE soft toys from the Ocean Marine Society. She was so chuffed - she loves soft toys (I don't - they seem to breed in the night:0/ ) And in great children-with-large-cardboard-box-style tradition, they spent ages playing Jack-in-a-box - lol!
It was also a good day workbox wise - it's the first time in a week that they BOTH got through all their boxes :0)
Boykin is still working on Owls.....he wants to make a lapbook.
He did a cut and paste owl picture
we read extracts from Birds of Prey and did a sorting activity of what owls do and don't eat. We also looked at food chains using pictures
He stuck spots on an 'O is for owl' worksheet. I set my printer to do 4 on a pge and I get just the size I want for spot stickers. He then

Next he used a useful thing my mum gave me to find the word 'owl' and happily declared that he's starting to read! Bless :0)
We then read 'Owl Babies' and did a minibook to go with it. It's one of those books with the DVD on it so he was more than happy to watch it too :0)
The rest of the week he's done - pattern blocks, owl mazes, owl hunting, owl number recognition and dot-to-dot, pretended to be an owl, ice science experiments, been introduced to nouns, talked about Autumn, some phonics, some MEP, listened to lots of stories, danced, played with cars, spoke french, played with cars, gone to a birthday party, listened to some music, played games in French (and English) , played with cars, climbed and jumped and watched DVDs and played with cars......

Girligig is on with The Boxcar Children....
she's played at vets,

looked at first aid kits, and made a paper one by printing out a picture of a bag and then sticking some plasters, bits of bandage, important phone numbers (NHS DIRECT and 999), and making a packet of paracetamol out of foil and coloured paper :0)

discussed being an encourager and read about Louis Pasteur and completed a notebooking page. When we put all these pages together it's going to be a HUGE book :0)

She's also got on with some graph activities, started looking at communities with September Teacher Book Bag - especially our own, practised nouns and verbs, done some French, played Boggle, is showing great perseverance in finishing her Little House in the Big Woods lapbook and had another go at finding the continents :0)
She's also been to Brownies, gone swimming, been to drama, been to gym, had a choir concert (and pactice), been out for tea, been to a birthday party and daydreamed and sang and played :0)

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  1. Hi,

    I love your blog and really like the letter strips you have to spell the word OWL, just wondered if it is a homemade type thing and is that all the pieces that go with it, I would love to get one to help my 5 year old, I think he would like that.

    New Zealand