Monday, 23 June 2014

Week 3 of #100HomeEdDays

Last weekend, they got to spend some time with two of their cousins. It's been AGES since they came round to our house to hang out. It was lovely to have them here :)
Since then, we've been very busy and I'm not really sure if these photos reflect our week. So much is missing - like the local HE games group last Wednesday as well as the HE parkour class and martial arts sessions on Thursday. Actually, to be entirely honest, I think there are a few days missing completely....Must do better next week ;)

The Boy is getting to grips with division and multiplication with MEP preparing the way for long division. To help him remember which number is doing the dividing and which number is to be divided we have come up with  a little story.
One day, there were lots of people waiting in the bus shelter for the bus (the dividend/number to be divided). Lots of buses came along at the same time (the divisor/number to be divided by). How many people get on each bus? How many people got left in the rain because they were too busy talking and missed the bus (remainder). It works for him :)
They had 'skiving' day (if there is such a thing when you're home educated) and spent most of the day reading in their den on the trampoline :)
We've also been posting postcards for the postcard swap on the Picture Book Explorers Facebook group. There will be more going out this week :)
We were all away this weekend. The Boy went to Scarborough with my mum and had a thoroughly fabulous time. She made little videos of him on the Sky Trail. I'm so glad I wasn't there to see it as I'm terrified of heights :/ Modern technology is great for being able to see what he got up to and how much he enjoyed himself whilst he was away. He has come home with a pocket full of magic tricks and jokes :)
Me and The Girl went to Walsingham in Norfolk where we had a thoroughly fabulous time too. It's not often that we get to spend so much time together, just the two of us. It's been a reminder of how fast she is growing up and how little time I have left with her before she is off out into the big wide world by herself. She also got to go in the sea :)
Today has been a bit of a mishmash really as we all unpacked and resettled after our weekends away. There has been lots of trampolining; some making of seals from Sculpey to go with the sealing wax that we bought from The Martlet, a gorgeous printer's and bookbinder's shop in Walsingham; some play-doh making with the neighbours; some minecrafting; gardening; cubs and drama; some letter writing with the quill pens* to test out the seals; oh, and some science in the form of investigating hair and leaves under the microscope :)

*We made the quillpens when we were exploring Tabby McTat. Full instructions are included in the unit study: Picture Book Explorers - Tabby McTat :)


  1. The quill pens and seals sound fun. Seals are something that we haven't done and I know the children would love.

  2. They are great fun and have encouraged writing - always a good thing ;) I'm not sure how well the sculpey seals will work yet, we may have to use metal buttons or coins. Tee Boy had trouble with one of his seals, but we'll try again today.

  3. Isn't it amazing how much learning goes on in a week? It really becomes hard to write it all down doesn't it? Skiving days still involve reading so it isn't really skiving eh?

    Thanks so much for linking up this week.

  4. Sssh! Don' t tell them that ;) They don't realise that you can't ever truly skive when you're home educated, but they think they are because they haven't got heir maths books out. Bless 'em!