Friday, 6 June 2014

#100HomeEd Days - week one

Well, this feels like a bit of a lazy post to be honest because I'm killing two birds with one stone.
I've joined in with the #100HomeEd Days which was started by @creativelypaleo. I even signed up to Instagram so that I could participate.
I like it. It's such a good idea and is just the prompting I need to make sure I take a photo every day. I can't promise to accompany each photo with a blogpost every day though.....
I'm also taking part in the Home Ed Linky over at Adventures in Homeschooling. So this post showing a week in our lives, comes by way of introduction to us - a busy and thriving Home Educating family from Yorkshire.

 Day 1 was fossil hunting in Filey

 Day 2 was seaweed pressing at our local HE monthly craft group.

Day 3 was The Girl's very first cornet competition.
Day 4 was The Girl's continuing adventures in vegetarian cooking

Day 5
This deserves a proper mention. It was my mum's birthday so we took her to Chatsworth House for the day, enjoying the advantage that home educating gives us of being able to celebrate on the actual day. The jaunt into Derbyshire also tied in very nicely with our Picture Book Explorers - I Took the Moon for a Walk study that we did last month. Boykin was eagerly looking for different types of hills on the journey, a very reassuring affirmation that he is enjoying learning with the PBEs.
Chatsworth House is lovely and should really have a post all of it's own. They both made the most of the audio tours in the house, ran happily around the maze and had a great time in the playground. And apart from lunch, that's pretty much all we managed to fit in. But we will be going back again :)
Day 6
This was the start of our chocolate project which we are doing in connection with our local HE monthly themed group. Boykin chose a chocolate picture making kit when I packed them off with my mum for the day. (Did I tell you how great my mum is?) There was supposed to be enough for only one picture, however, they managed to get two pictures out of the white and darjk chocolate and The Girl popped to the shop for some Cadbury's to finish hers off with. They turned out well and lasted, ooh, all of 3.6 seconds... or there abouts ;)

Day 7

Worthy of another proper mention. This was the end of this month's Picture Book Explorers - The Lighthouse Keeper's Rescue. They made these themselves, to their own designs, for inclusion in the study guide. They look great when they are lit up in a dark room. This was the end of a full week of learning both at home and out of the home and proves that the title of this blog is true. It really is never the same 2 days running :)


  1. Hello! How lovely to 'meet' you and your family. I am delighted that you took the time to write this as it is a wonderful example of how varied, fun, fluid and exciting home- education can be. Your blog title is fantastic and spot on- it really never is the same.
    I am genuinely honoured that you wrote this to link up and can't thank you enough. Posts like this are incredibly beneficial to families who are just starting out on an HE journey or just thinking about it.

    Thanks for linking up with this weeks #homeedlinkup

  2. Lovely post! And a very varied week :-) I love Chatsworth too - I grew up in Nottingham and have happy memories of splashing through that stream/waterfall they have there.

  3. Looks like you are doing a great job!