Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Chicken pox boy

Boykin has chicken pox. At last! And fortunately he's not too miserable or too itchy. He's had a few days on the sofa under a quilt listening to stories and watching films. Today it's Home Alone 3 [DVD] [1997] because the main character also has chicken pox :) I remember my eldest loving Home Alone when it first came out.... he booby-trapped the whole of the house!
Because he's not really ill with it, we've caught up on some reading :) For book group this month, we've all got to read a Roald Dahl book. Boykin chose Fantastic Mr Fox and The Girl chose Matilda. We finished Boykin's book ina few hours and he drew a lovely picture of Mr Fox to go on our group display board in the library where we meet. We've got half way through Matilda and have also started The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, which I'm hoping to finish before the film comes out.
Boykin is suffering spottiness and the Girl had a bit of a sore throat. Nothing too serious so she's happily gone with friends to Tropical World for our local HE group trip.
Whilst her brother languishes on the settee, she's enjoyed listening to the stories and has done some reading of her own - Living Long Ago by Agnes Allen. As she's decided that she wants to get baptised, we've been reading What is Baptism? and looking at the Christianity section in The Usborne Encyclopedia of World Religions. I like this book as it gives an interesting and fairly full description of the world's major religions without bias. It also has internet links which eventually lead her to this site which contains loads of maths and english games which she enjoyed playing for about an hour or so. Best of all it's British so the spelling is right and the money is sterling :) They even have a page of games with a Christmas theme :)
It's been a nice gentle few days all cosied up at home in front of our newish open fire. But I have to admit, I'll be more than happy to leave the house again when the Boy is no longer contagious. Roll on Saturday!

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