Tuesday, 2 November 2010


Today we went to Blackpool :)
My mum suggested we took the kids to Blackpool for the illuminations before they finish this weekend and it made sense to go up the tower as autumn is well and truly on its way into winter.
We went up the Eiffel Tower last year so I was looking forward to taking my two up the British just-over-half-size version. Unfortunately, it was grey and windy when we arrived so we never got to go up the top :(

The kids still enjoyed it though and it's not bad value for money at £12 for adults and £10 for kids. (Would've been better if we could've gone all the way up - I wanted to send my eldest a postcard from the top which would get it's special postmark.)
There's an aquarium.

A dinosaur animatronics walk with 3D 10 minute cinema.

A circus - which we weren't allowed to take any photos of :/ It was a 2 hour show with chinese acrobats. The best bit was when they lowered the floor of the ring and it filled up with water and had a fountain in the middle.
Jungle Jim's play gym - where Boykin and The Girl had great fun and we had a well-needed cup of tea.

And of course, the famous Tower Ballroom which they very much loved, surprisingly.

After all that, we did what must be done at the seaside and went for fish and chips in the cheapest chippy possible.

Then we braved the wind and rain to find a tram to see the lights.

Well, my two have never seen them before nor ridden on a tram before so they were most impressed and very happy and excited. Success!

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