Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Windy Wednesday

We've had a pretty productive day today :0) One of those lovely days where everybody gets on with stuff and there's no shouting (me), very little arguing (them) and extra jobs have been done.
The car went into the garage this morning so we had a lovely windy walk back, getting home just in time to miss the rain. The boy raced through his work boxes as per - French, writing, 'reading', maths = number jigsaw, calender and electronics kit. He loves that :0)
The French is going well. He's learning colours at the moment and we do the same thing every time. We read the colour book and play colour pairs. He also has a small shoebox with a few different coloured cars in and a car-mat. Sometimes he just tells me the colours of his cars, other times I show him 3 and ask him to find the red car etc until we've gone through them. I try to use as much french as possible and we put in hand actions and car actions too. It seems to be working, he knows more colours this week than last but the main thing he's having fun. Of course, he gets to play with all the cars afterwards.
The girl managed to get through 4 boxes today. The maths went quicker than usual which helped. Other than that, she's finally finished the minibooks for the lapbook she's making for Little House in the Big Woods which she started AGES ago when we read it for bookgroup. It's been a hard slog in lots of ways but she was absolutely DETERMINED she was going to finish it. I thought she didn't want to because she moaned every time it appeared in her boxes :0?
She's decided that she only wants to do one activity per chapter for her Beyond Five in a Row book. Mainly because she just wants to hear the rest of the story and partly because she want to finish it soon. Her activity today was to do with newspapers. It tied in nicely with last weeks story circle group where they had to devise headlines from random words cut from newspaper headlines. We looked at a copy of Positive News in the hope of avoiding all the scare stories in the press. She made her own frontpage using photos from the paper - her headline - "Crazy Guy Puts Poison in Children's Food". So much for avoiding scare stories!!
All this was interspersed with much Lego playing. This is not the norm in my house and therefore worth mentioning especially since we've all somehow managed avoiding to get little holes in our feet ;0) I joined Boykin up to Lego Club Jr - it's free :0) - and he loved the magazine and made the models in it. So, for the last couple of days my dining room floor has turned into Legoland :0) We keep getting all cosied up winter-fashion, they build together and I read to them :0)
I SHOULD really be doing my essay while they're so happily occupied.....:0/

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