Thursday, 3 December 2009

TMA 02 done and dusted :0)

Ok. So this is really supposed to be about my children's education and not mine, but I am SO HAPPY that I have finished my TMA I just had to come on here :0) Oh yeah, TMA=Tutor marked assignment aka 2,000 word essay. It's been a slog especially seeing as how my children refuse to go to bed at night. No matter how hard I try to explain to them that if I don't get this in then I will cry.....lots.
Anyway, it's done now and we've still managed to do loads of Home Education stuff too :0) Hooray! We went to the Imax last week and saw a 3D film about Mummies. Very interesting. Pumpkinboy liked the bit best where the Egyptian dog/god was coming to eat us. The girl liked the bit best where they found all the Mummies. I liked the bit where we shown the open Mummie (Mummy?) of Rameses the Great and told that his was the only face we'd ever see from the Bible!! Amazing.
We had one of those nice, yes there are advantages to being Home Educated days last week too when we all got to go the big playgym in town for free - special offer only available during school hours. I'm not overkeen on the place really as I think it's a bit expensive so we don't go often. Last time was during the school holidays when it was throng and the noise level was horrible - and that was before the playscheme turned up!
Today we went up to the storage attics in the local museum. It was FAB!!! Pumpkin was a wee bit bored though - he ran in circles round our friend for about five minutes. Hmmmm! I don't think exquisitely embriodered and beaded handbags were quite his thing. He loved the microscope though. And I think we all discovered why there are so few butterflies about these days. They're all in glass cases in an attic. Lots and lots and lots of them. I'm dying to know what's inn the other seven rooms. Me and the girl would have a field day in there :0)

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