Wednesday, 26 February 2020

No pressure

At this stage in our home ed journey, I need this reminder. I have occasionally struggled with comparing my HE kids to school-going kids, but for the most part, have found it easy to see the value in what we were doing albeit looking nothing like school for their age group. 

Home Ed, for me, has always been about tailoring their learning to their interests, natural aptitudes and abilities. 

Now we are in exam season...again. Now I feel a sense of impending judgement. It's litmus test time. Will he pass or won't he? 

In reality, I know that his education has been so much more than the ability to pass exams. He has had opportunities to follow his own interests, spend time on the things he loves and he has had plenty of time to play and just be a child. 

I know that whatever results Boykin gets that it will be fine. He will do his best and that is what matters most. I will be  proud of him no matter what. 

In the meantime, I must not let fear of judgement of me as a HEor and parent filter down to my son. After all, I chose to HE partly to avoid all the pressure put on kids for SATs, league tables, Ofsted etc. so there's no point doing it myself now, is there? 

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