Monday, 6 January 2020

Back to the Grindstone

Well, we are back to it today.

Boykin's boxes are all set up. We sat down together yesterday and devised a study timetable for the week. His first exams are getting closer and without a structure in place, he has a tendency to procrastinate.  

I feel like we're both finding our feet with this new, highly structured approach but hopefully it will bear fruit. I'm hoping he will feel prepared and confident when he sits the exam without feeling too pressured or worried leading up to it. 

The box on the right is full of books needed for today. The box on the left is full of puzzles and activities for in between each subject for his breaks. They are totally optional and he may choose to go outside or read or just do nothing. 

 We'll see how it goes and tweak as necessary :) 

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