Friday, 29 September 2017

Quick Update

 Life has changed. Boykin is the only home educated child in this house now.The Girl passed her exams and is now at college studying music.  I am still adjusting to not being the main organiser of everything educational and getting used to early mornings whether we like it or not. I'm not quite doing the school run, but I have had to drive The Girl into town (in my pyjamas!) if her train has missed or been delayed too much. It all feels a little odd, but we're getting there :)

This week home ed-wise, me & Boykin have been to a park meet up, done some maths, failed to open a Latin book but  succeeded in completing a two week earthquake project :) We had loads of fun with all the hands-on projects and learned loads along the way. After last year's heavy focus on exams, it feels like proper home education again. Yay!

These are just a very few of the activities we did. It's been such a good fun project :)


  1. We are just hitting the exam madness and really does change the home ed feel, the having to stay on track on not go with their interests, love the lap book.

  2. Glad you like the lapbook, thank you for telling me. It's always good to get encouragement :) I'm trying to make the most of the next couple of years before we hit the next lot of exams. It'll be even more intense because Boykin wants to take more than The Girl did. I'm just so glad that we've had all these years of fun before the pressure starts.