Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Round up time

The #100daysofhomeed has started up again. I was intending to start on Monday, but was delayed until Wednesday because we were just too busy.

On Monday, we had an early start to the day taking The Girl to college for the assessed part of her Art & Design course. We had to rush back to town in time for Boykin to take  part in the presentation to finalise his Bronze Arts Award.

He has worked so very hard for this and has been so inspired. We were lucky enough to have the sessions run by our local library service. The art medium was film. They did some group work making short animations and a short film. He did all the editing and made the credits - moviemaker is brill for this. He then found special FX software and learnt how to use it to create the special effects they wanted for teleportation. He also transcribed the script (my once reluctant writer) and borrowed sound equipment to re-record the sound track because the original was too quiet. He enjoyed making cardboard awards for everyone who took part - including the librarians and put the finished film on DVD for all the children too. I have never seen him so inspired by anything before and am extremely grateful to our local library staff for making this happen. We're so hoping that they will all be still there in a couple of years time when he is old enough to take the Silver Arts Award :)

On Tuesday we had book group. It was a very busy session with 15 children and their adults. As a group, we had been reading folk tales and fairy stories in preparation. As a family, we read Tales of the Peculiar. Some children brought reviews and artwork to share and some had accepted the challenge to write their own folk tale. We finished off with games using the Story Cubes.

Finally on Wednesday, I got round to taking the first #100daysofhomeed photo. We went to our local themed group where the topic was "Activities inspired by Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children". (Spot the connection?) There was a loop challenge, the opportunity to learn about Wales, WW2 propaganda posters to look at, DNA building, finger-printing, hollowgast making and trick photography :) They all had lots of fun and we had a splendid lunch, as usual :)
#100daysofhomeed Day 1
On Thursday, we were all feeling the worst for wear with bad coughs, colds and general snottiness. We stayed home. Watched lots of films and did a little book learning.
#100daysofhomeed Day 2
On Friday, we spent the day recovering a bit more. More films, more book learning and little visitors :)
#100daysofhomeed Day 3
On Saturday, everyone felt a bit better. There was drama class, shopping and a sleepover.
#100daysofhomeed Day 4
 On Sunday, The Girl went to try out the gym. Most of the afternoon was spent playing Lego Dimensions and keeping an eye on the snow. Sadly, there was only ever a smattering :(
#100daysofhomeed Day 6
On Monday, The Girl went to college and Boykin got in some book-learning. It felt so strange to have him at home instead of taking him to his Arts Award group :/ The afternoon was spent mainly at music lessons and making pancakes. Apparently, we all need to practise for the big day ;)
#100daysofhomeed Day 7
And that brings us to today. So what did we do today? Yoga first thing, music practise, science, Latin, geography, archery, Laserquest,  and primary research for a BTEC. All followed by a lovely cup of tea and toasted teacake with my mum :) Roll on bedtime. I'm exhausted!!

#100daysofhomeed Day 7

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