Saturday, 14 January 2017


At our local group session this month, we looked at Explorers.
It was a lovely relaxed session with lots of playing out, despite the high winds.

Unfortunately, I only got one photo :/

Some of the activities were -
making a timeline of famous explorers;
designing a figurehead for a Viking longboat;
learning about different landforms and making them out of plasticine;
draw an explorer - what would they wear and what would they take with them;
learn about navigating by the stars and make star charts;
compass group games - indoors and out;
make your own compass :)

To make your own compass you need:
a real cork
a sewing needle
a bar magnet
a bowl of water
a pair of large scissors (much easier to use than a knife)
double sided tape

1. Cut a 5 - 10mm thick slice off the cork with the scissors.
2. Rub the sewing needle with one pole of the bar magnet, making sure that the strokes go in one direction and not backwards and forwards. The more strokes, the stronger the magnetism.
3. Put a small piece of double sided tape onto the cork.
4. Stick the needle on to the cork, keeping it as central as possible.
5. Place the cork into the shallow bowl of water.
6. Watch your needle point to the north :)

The needle in our picture was stroked from eye to point with the north pole of the bar magnet. This makes the eye point to magnetic north. You could try using the South pole of the magnet and see what happens :)

Magnetism Flashcards
Why a compass needle points north

Books about Explorers:

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