Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Tech Troubles

Technology can be great, but our household is currently plagued by troubles :(
The kids laptop won't access any sites and my PC was refusing to go online for most of the day. But worst of all, my phone seems to be dying :(
It's running very slow and the camera won't work at all. I have so many photos on there, far too many really, and I'm not sure how to retrieve them.

But I have no fear :) I'll call on my eldest son and he will help me. I'm sure of it. He's very good with technology like most people of the generation after mine. Yes, I know, there are many people of my generation who are equally as tech savvy, but for me, it's something I have to work at whereas it seems to come so much more naturally for my children. I still struggle with the remote, for goodness sake :/

Anyway, I have no photos to show (because I can't take any or see any) to show our lovely day out at Harewood House last week. Nor can I show you the comic book writing workshop we went to at the weekend led by Al Ewing. Or their joyful faces after their first lessons at Rock School. Or the birthday party they went to today.

Instead, I'll share this picture that I saw on Facebook today, as a reminder to all my children. I may not be very tech savvy, but I'm a dab-hand with a spoon ;)

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