Thursday, 8 January 2015

New Year , New Routine

Somehow, New Year always feel like a time to make new beginnings. A time to look at what we've been doing, what has worked, what hasn't and reassess what we've learned and what we want to learn. I say 'we' because I include myself in these plans too :)

We're keeping our maths curriculum, Boykin will continue to work through the books and lesson plans with me, but The Girl has decided she will do the interactive materials on the website and use the lessons and tutorials on there instead. She's making good headway and is listening to Mozart at the same time: :)

Boykin has decided he wants to learn Spanish, which means I will learn it with him as I know no Spanish and want to be able to help him along. We're starting with Duolingo to build up some vocabulary. The Girl will continue with French.

Boykin is currently using Schofield & Sims books for handwriting, grammar and spelling. The Girl is going to make a start on IGCSE English materials instead of doing the Galore Park she was doing before.

I'm still reading The Story of the World while we have elevenses, followed by whatever book we are reading for book group (A Bear Called Paddington) :0)

The Girl is really going to try and get her teeth into the IGCSE Biology book and Boykin will continue to do science experiments with me and we will start to look at the Galore Park SYRWTL Science books for a bit more theory, although I'm really not sure how he'll get on with them.

For music, The Girl will still do singing, violin and piano. I'm going to buy her a new cornet so that house has one in the house to play when she wants without needing to be in a brass band. Boykin wants to learn the didjeridoo. Hmmm!

They will both continue to work on Picture Book Explorers with me and I'm hoping to tackle volume 4 of the Five In A Row series in between those. Even if we don't follow the curriculum, I want to at least read the books :) I have plans for five more Picture Book Explorers and hope to make some more lapbooks and project packs too this year :)

Between us we want to go swimming more regularly; grow some more food; get rid of more clutter and make better use of our National Trust membership :)

We've all struggled to get back into the swing of things after Christmas, not least because of late nights and late mornings. We've managed to get to most of their activities so far, but Tuesday was a bit of a fail in that respect  and we didn't quite make them all today either :/

We have a day at home tomorrow so we'll have time to recharge our batteries before The Girl starts Explorers. Another new beginning :)

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