Tuesday, 14 January 2014

And the days roll by...

What have we done since last Thursday? Let's see....
Friday fun maths using Ginn Extension Mathematics: Investigations, Games and Puzzles Level 4. It makes a change from their usual MEP curriculum...
Lots of weekend socialising, minecrafting and film watching.
Picture Book Explorer testing - there's a new one due out very, very soon ;)
MEP Maths.
Music practise and singing lesson..

Cubs, drama and research for a Bronze Arts Award - David Tenant anyone? 
And today, some unexpected impromptu lessons in upholstery with Nana..

Followed by some good advice on how to make a mould to make a plaster of Paris sheep in the art shop...
A bit of heron spotting (sorry for rubbish photo, I only had my phone with me)..

as well as the expected Parkour free running session that the Boy has just started :)

And the Girl? What's she be doing all day? Shhhh, she's working on a secret birthday project for her brother before she goes to band tonight ;)

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