Sunday, 14 October 2012

What a busy week that was!

Last week was SOO busy... I think it's taken me till now to get my feet back on the ground LOL. The second week of any month is usually busier than most with bookgroup and our local themed meeting taking place on consecutive days.
Our last bookgroup read was Friend or Foe by Micheal Morpurgo. It's a shortish read - 8 chapters - which we all enjoyed and made me cry - as Micheal Morpurgo usually does. It's an interesting book about 2 boys evacuated from London at the start of the war. They are taken in by a farming couple in Devon and are the only witnesses to a German bomber crashing on the moors. As the story progresses, the boys discover that the lines that define the enemy are often blurred and they have to deal with the moral dilemma this causes them.
As a result of reading this book, my two built an air-raid shelter under the dining table and got out evacuee labels and ID cards to take to book group. We also got out our children's war replica pack. The Girl particularly liked the children's newspaper and wants to get a copy of First News - the nearest thing we've got today.
On Wednesday, at our local HE group, the theme was Plants and Trees. The group planted about 50 bulbs in the borders of the church hall where we meet, dissected some bulbs and examined them, waxed leaves to preserve them, looked at photosynthesis, started some sprouting seeds, made leaf collages and identified trees aongst other things. (Sorry, I can't remember them all).
Thursday we went to Little Ninjas as usual, which both my children thoroughly enjoy, and then managed to go and visit my Dad before they went to choir.
On Friday (get ready for photos ;)) we went to a Home Ed climbing group. This is on every fortnight but usually consists of bouldering with the ropes coming out about once every half-term :) Now, please bear in mind that I am absolutely terrified of heights, so even watching my children do this gives me palpitations....

The week ended with dancing and jazz parades and lots of tombola prizes. Next week is National Schools Film Week so we'll be spending some time at the cinema :) Can't wait for a nice sit down ;)

P.S  In amongst all this, we finished off our FIAR book from last week and did some maths, some handwriting, read a few books and made some stuff....
The Girl's sewing project so far...

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