Friday, 16 March 2012

Home Ed meeting

It's been a busy week this week for Home ed group activities. On Tuesday we went to the theatre in the morning and book group in the afternoon, on Wednesday, we were at our local themed session all day and on Thursday we went to Little Ninjas and then met friends in the park to play. Phew! today I can actually catch up on the washing up and cook a proper meal.
The theatre was The Boo in Waterfoot, where we saw a new production of The Fisherman and the Pearl. It's an environmental story commissioned by the Marine Conservation Society that will be touring schools for the next couple of years. We saw the very first show :0) The kids enjoyed the puppetry and especially the projection bits.
For Bookgroup, we'd read Lamb's Tales from Shakespeare, which had been my suggestion based on the copy I have at home, which is illustrated and has 6 stories in it. The copies that the library gave us (and the rest of the group used) were paperbacks with 20 stories in! There was a mixed reception to it - it's a very mixed age group - but mine enjoyed the stories we read, which needed lots of explanation. We watched a couple of full length films, and a couple of animated tales - they thought ithe Othello one was scary because of the way Othello was drawn. It's been interesting and I think it's been a good introduction to Shakespeare for my children.
Wednesday's theme was Spring festivals. People brought activities based on Easter, St George's Day, Valentines Day and Mothers Day. There was also bean sprouting and an activity to show global spring festivals.
I just love these dragon sock puppets

My two were very busy and had a great time :0)

What we watched

What we read

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