Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Kitchen Sink Science

Today, Boykin got to have a go with his Slime kit and made fish eggs, worms and leeches. He really enjoyed himself, which is good, but I didn't think there was enough of an explanation of the science behind the experiments for my liking. I know next to nothing about polymers and even though there are plenty of websites that explain it all, I would just liike the bit of information that is specific to this set and the experiments he is doing. At his age, I think any more than that would be too overwhelming and a just a bit meaningless. Apart from that, all the websites I've come across use borax and his kit uses sodium alginate. So, I've sent an email to Interplay to see if they can tell me what I want to know...

In the mean time, I found this site with some useful explanatory hands-on activities using spaghetti, paper chains or sweets and cocktailsticks. (Luckily, I have loads of paper strips already cut out for the paper chains that we never got round to making for Christmas. Hurray!) It also explains a bit about the 'fish eggs' and 'worms' the Boy made today :0)

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