Friday, 19 August 2011

Friday Fun School

Fridays for us is the continuation of a long-term project that The Girl decided on :0) We're making a family lapbook based on Harry potter and the Philosopher's Stone. We start by reading a chapter, then watching the corresponding part of the film. This leads to all kinds of discussions about the choices the scriptwriters have made and whether we agree with them or not. They have some ongoing minibooks that they add to when necessary and then choose something from each chapter to make other minibooks about.
They like to have something to do while they listen to the chapter - sewing and jigsaws are their choices of the moment :0)

It's an easy-going project which usually invloves some craft and dressing up as well :0) This week Boykin is wearing a scar and carrying a wand (alongside his sonic screwdriver of course).

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