Friday, 8 April 2011

When I was Young in the Mountains

Not me personally,of course ;) It's the latest FIAR title that we've rowed. It made a lovely change because the Girl decided she wanted to join in with us :) It's been a while since they made a FIAR lapbook together.
They made most of the minibooks themselves as you can tell :)

They really enjoyed the book and it lead to lots of interesting discussions, the kind that enable you to get to know your own children better. The Girl decided that it wasn't really a story at all because nothing really happened in it and it didn't have a plot. She thought it was more like a picture of someone's life which we tied in nicely with some of the themes of the story - the travelling photographer taking a photo of the children and the whole idea of life being 'always enough'.

Anyway, seeing as how the story is set in Virginia we had to watch this

And then I had to buy this :)

They love it. I'm going to have to buy the next series really soon because it won't be long before we've finished the whole 25 episodes at the rate we're going...

Here are the links to the minibooks we used
HSS When I was Young resources
HSS contentment minbook from this lapbook
HSS snake minbook from snake lapbook
Where in the World minbook

Other books we used

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