Sunday, 5 December 2010

Home Ed christmas camp

Obviously not in tents in December :)
Last week we went on a pre-xmas xmas camp in a Youth Hostel in Devon. I have to admit to being a bit nervous about spending 4 days with 70 people of which I only knew 5. But guess what! It was lovely. Everyone was really friendly and welcoming and we had a great time :) It was nice to get to know the people we already knew a bit better and nice to make new friends :)
The youth hostel was one of those where everyone has their own family room and ours was even ensuite. How posh is that?
We joined in with the history group form Cambridge and learnt about Phoenicians making fimo lucky charms, glass bead bracelets and paper-plate frogs. It's always interesting to see how other groups of HEers do things.
The next day we went to Pennywell Farm and joined in the nativity play there.
The Girl was an angel ... ...Boykin was a shepherd.
Such good timing as he said only last week that he wanted to be in a christmas play :) It's a shame it's so far away from where we live because I'd like to take them there again when it is not so very freezing. Brrrrr!

On the way back to the hostel, we visited the House of Marbles and were fascinated by the complex marble runs they have there. We even got to see them making glass but unfortunately no blowing was involved. Best of all, it's free :)

Then on Thursday we had Christmas Day complete with turkey dinner, crackers, secret santa and carols. I really enjoyed myself joining in the music and was really impressed with all the kids' musical skills.

The Girl was really chuffed that she was part of the bell ensemble. A group of children, including my two, created and performed a play for us. My Kiddywinkles were in their element. It was the perfect holiday for them :)
And as for me, it was great to spend time chatting, cooking, getting to know people and generally just relaxing :)
I hope we get to go again next year. Thanks so much to everyone who was there for a fab holiday :)


  1. Was great to meet you - we were all wondering what this brave/foolhardy woman would be like, who was prepared to jump into the middle of us! Your kids certainly seemed to love it :) And good to hear you'd do it again!

  2. En suite youth hostelling! That's not camping!! ;o) Looks like you had a great time - House of Marbles sounds fun :)