Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Terrific Tigers

A few weeks ago I posted about a giveaway for the Download 'n' Go Terrific Tigers Unit. Well. I won it :) Thankyou Melissa X

It's the first time I've used one of these units and was keen to get going with it because I've heard good things about these packs and mainly because I won it :D

There's a lot of pages in this unit and lots to print out. There are links not only to information pages, stories, poems, recipes and crafts but also links to videos and audio files. The videos were particularly popular with my two who ooh-ed and aah-ed over all the cub ones. Bless!
The unit covers Geography, Maths, Art, English and of course Science (Tigers=Biology doesn't it?) There are some lapbooking pieces and some notebooking-type pages. There is even a certificate to give to your child when they have completed the unit.

The unit is divided into 5 sections as the idea is to do it over 5 days. Each section focuses on a specific Tiger subspecies and, at the end, has extra links to colouring pages, crafts and ideas for fun stuff. I have to admit it took us a bit longer than 5 days, mainly due to chicken pox, Youth hostel camps and other HE groups :) The first 3 days went brilliantly and both kids were engaged and interested. However, by day 4 they were losing motivation so it took over 2 weeks to finish the last two days worth :/

I think if I were to do one of these units again, I'd do a lot more of it orally and just concentrate on the lapbook pieces for written work. A pdf that you could type directly into would be useful but, saying that, they did get a lot of writing practice. Because we wanted to stick the work into a notebook, I found I had to cut up the sheets I'd printed out to take out the bits that gave the links to various sites or came between the questions and the answer spaces. I'm sure there are other ways to do this and I'm just being a bit dim. Any suggestions would be most welcome :)

One of the things I liked most about this was that I could divide the activities between both children as the material required different levels of ability. I had to adapt the booklist because it's an American product but tiger books are easily available in libraries and charity shops so it wasn't too much of a problem. Would I use more of these products? Yes, I suppose I would but I might try doing them one day a week over five weeks rather than doing them so intensively over five days. I also have to get over my habit of wanting to do every single last activity just cos it's there :)

I made a slideshow of our photos because there are a few :) The tiger buns didn't quite work (note to self- mixing food colouring is not quite like mixing paint. use a pipette and 1 drop of red so that you don't need to use a WHOLE bottle of yellow to try and get orange!). The plasticene tigers were interesting, unfortunately the Girl wouldn't let me take a photo ofhers and kept giggling every time I looked at it and commented on how well she's done. She eventually revealed that she'd 'cheated' and covered one of her toy tigers in plasticene. Little monkey :D

Useful Links:
finger puppets

- be warned - our buns look nowhere near as good
as this :)
of crafts

Books we used:

Fact & Fiction (Faction?)


And a really nice book called Tigers by Meredith Hooper which I think
came originally in a pack of four books published as Oxford Literacy Web: Animals

Films we watched:


  1. Great job!

    We do Download N Go's one of two ways so far: Just on the computer - we don't print anything, my daughter just works through the links to learn about it all - no writing involved.

    Or we print all the day pages and spiral bind them. She works through as she wants, if it takes 1 week or 1 month. She's learning and retaining because she uses it when it interests her.

    I think there is a lot to do, too much for a week, and we DON'T do the links to crafts/activities like all the things you did. We may do 1 or 2 out of the whole unit, but nowhere near as many as you did.

  2. Thanks Tristan :0 I like the idea of giving it to the Girl for her to do when she wants. I thiink that may work well for her :)