Tuesday, 22 September 2009

First week back - second day in...

It's taking some doing getting back into our non-school-holiday routine:0/ So much so that we slept in on Monday and missed gym :0( We started back up with the workboxes though which both children were happy about despite being a little emotional from late nights at friends houses over the weekend. We're still doing chapter 3 of Boxcar children looking at homes. I've found a little paper house to make that will go well in a workbox I think.
Other than that we've started using Galore Park for French at French club this morning which seems like it will be helpful for us to have something to focus on as a group as well as still playing lots of games.

The MEP website has started to put the reception year workbook and lesson plans online :0) I've just bought the book so the lesson plans are really welcome and will hopefully make maths more enjoyable for Panda (who enjoys it anyway.)
I put his trainset in one of his boxes yesterday just to let him play a bit more with bridges. He got so into it that he never got any further.... ah well...it means I've got less boxes to fill tonight ;0)
Today was a out-of-the-house day - french club, friends for lunch, swimming, drama and shopping. We should be able to get some workboxes done tomorrow - the girl didn't finish hers either on Monday but she did get further down the pile than her brother. Let's see how we get on tomorrow.

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