Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Well, we've been busy these last couple of weeks. We went camping to Filey with a few other HE families which was lovely. We visited Filey Museum with it's fossil display, Victorian parlour, lifeboat section and garden. There was also a room with a scullery and an old till which still worked. There was lots of hands-on things to play with, so my darling daughter was happy for ages.

The Doll's House was a favourite :0)

The next day we went to the Lifeboat Station, finished our tour, and watched the lifeboat go out on call! Therewas plenty of playing in both sun and rain.
We had a science day at our local Home Ed group, I took an activity on magnetism (iron filings are so much fun :0D) The kids really engaged with the ativities which has shown me that we need to concentrate a little more on science - especiall for Panda who is making massive headway into electric circuits with his Electromag kit. He loves it and constantl;y amazes me with it :0)
Other than that, we've been to the Lakes to a wedding and visited Castlerigg Stone Circle while we were there to tie in with our Stone Age stuff. The kids had their end of year choir concert which was lovely. Muffin (she chose her own alias for the blog!) was in her first drama group performance. She was FAB!!!!! (yes, i know I'm biassed but it's TRUE!!) She enjoyed it so much and was so not nervous about it all. She spoke clearly and didn't giggle once :0) Proud mother moment lol :0)
I thought it would get calmer when the school hols started, but we HE all year round and many of our things continue. We still do gym, story circle, french group, book group, swimming and add to that all the museum holiday activities, bookworm Wednesday free cinema, holiday drama workshops, camping trips...and of course, catching up with friends and relatives whose children are usually in school. We're just as busy as ever.
I made some alphabet lacing cards for the Blast at HSS. I didn't win (not surprised when I've seen what other people have done) but I'm still really excited to see my stuff on therelol :0D
Next job now is to go and try and find out what's wrong with my sewing machine. Muffin wants to make a rag doll but I seem to be cursed at the minute on the sewing machine front :0( I dug out a child's hand winder machine that does cahain stitch, all works weel but the stitches come out. So, out comes the old hand winder Singer,....I got it all set up last night, working perfectly and then jams up! So, ok, let's get the electrric one out and teach her how to use that. We threaded it up, filled the bobbin, ran 2 peices of material through for her to practice on....and there are NO stitches!!!!!! Weirder still, the thread is ini the cloth but it's somehow unthreaded itself from the needle!!!! I just can't work it out :0( Anyway, it's bedtime now, so I'll attempt it again after that.

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