Monday, 14 November 2016

Cathy Come Home

One of the perks of being a home educator is the annual Into Film Festival. We usually go to see a whole host of films, but this year we have picked only four. This isn't because there aren't the usual number of great films to see, but rather because this is the last year that The Girl will be HE (most likely) and so the focus is on other things - like college courses, IGCSE work and music lessons.

Anyway, today The Girl and I went to the Showroom in Sheffield to see Cathy Come Home, the 1966 play directed by Ken Loach. It was followed by a Q & A with representatives from the South Yorkshire Housing Association and Roundabout, a charity working with homeless youth.

It's amazing to think that this play, released 50 years ago this week, influenced attitudes to homelessness and the housing crisis so much that it caused laws to be changed. I remember seeing it as a child and the impact it had on me then. It was interesting to see what impact it made on The Girl today.

I really want to  take her to see I, Daniel Blake now. I think there will be more interesting conversations to come.

Cathy Come Home is available to watch on YouTube or Amazon.

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