Friday, 17 June 2016

Wild Animals Session

This month's theme at our local HE group was wild animals.
There were about 5 families who are all regulars. It was a lovely sunny day so much of the time was spent playing out.

Activities on offer were making paper elephants....

....finding where in the world each animal lived on a giant world map... 'Which animal am I?'. Unfortunately I don't have a photo of the lovely lift-the-flap poster that one of the other mum's made with a series of questions using a tree diagram to find the answer.

Outside, they could meet with some real ducklings and learn about wild ducks...

...listen to a story & play a team general knowledge game using Brainbox Safari.

If you want to know how to make paper elephants too, they were inspired by this video.

Other resources for studying wild animals:
spotter sheets
Animals on Activity Village
Elephant unit study and lapbook
BBC Bitesize variation - the variation worksheet has a simple tree diagram


  1. Oh wow this looks like so much fun! What a great idea for an activity. Toby loves elephants so I'll definitely be getting the crafty bits out to do these xx

  2. It was a lot of fun :) I liked how simple the elephant craft was and how the kids could individualise them. Thanks for stopping by :)