Saturday, 12 December 2015

RHS Winter Workshop

On Tuesday we went to RHS Harlow Carr for a Naturally Festive workshop. I still have no phone camera and , due to setting off at the last minute, I forgot to take my proper camera, so again no photos. It's a real shame too because the weather was lovely, we met up with old friends and they all had a great time. There time to play in the tree house before lunch and time for a bit more exploring after the workshop. There are some beautiful sculptures and some gorgeous Christmas decorations that were all worth a picture or two.

The workshop itself was well-delivered and interesting. The lady leading it talked about plants that are traditionally associated with Christmas and how they were used. Did you know that holly was planted near houses as a protection against lightning? We then went around the gardens to look at real life examples and learn some more about each plant whilst collecting samples for the craft activity. They made glittery clay tree decorations with leaf imprints and clay reindeer using twigs and berries. Ho! Ho! Ho!

The workshops run by RHS are free for educational groups and free entry into the garden is included. If you live near enough to an RHS garden, it's well worth the hassle of organising a group to go to one. They have a selection to choose from and didn't seem too phased by the wide age range of our group (6-15 year olds).

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