Thursday, 27 August 2015

USA Homeschooling Infograph

This is an interesting infograph that I have been asked to share. It looks at the history of American homeschoolers from 1977 and shows how the number of homeschooled children in America has doubled since 1999.

Home Schooling

I'd love to see something similar for UK home educators, statistics and history-wise. I wonder what reasons UK parents would give for their choice to home educate?

I'm not so sure about the last three tips for homeschooling though.

Establish Expectations? Maybe that's got something to do with American home education laws. I don't really go in for evaluation by subject. I take a much more holistic approach to learning within our routines and loose structure. I know that learning happens all the time and often the outcome can not be foreseen at the outset. We often digress and what they actually learn can look very different from what I thought they would learn. The important thing is that they DO learn and that they ENJOY the process :)

Set a Space? Again, I view learning as part of life. I WANT the task of learning to be perfectly intermingled and integrated into the household.

Don't Forget Friends? Goes without saying, doesn't it? And as for children being at home with parents all day every day, that's very far from the truth in this family and other home educating families I know.

And just to add, if you do want to know the law in regard home educating in the UK, useful websites include:
Education Otherwise
Home Education UK
Home Education Advisory Service
Ed Yourself
Educational Freedom
Elective Home Education Wales


  1. Its in my book home based education 1 by Mike Fortune Wood

    1. Do you mean the UK information is in your book Persius?

  2. Thank's for such useful list! I'll try some of them! Have you heard about