Saturday, 6 June 2015

Sewing Boy

One thing I really like about home education is that there is less pressure to stick to traditionally gendered activities. It's never been too much of a problem for girls to like and enjoy 'boy' stuff, but boys are often ridiculed by their peers (and, unfortunately, some adults) for taking part in and enjoying anything deemed to be 'girlie'.

As a family, we attend a local sewing class that's aimed at adults. The Girl is developing her patchwork skills and I'm learning just how much bodging has gone on with my sewing projects for all these years. It's actually really nice to learn how to do things properly and not to be allowed to be lazy. (Think ironing seams :/)

After two lessons these are Boykin's creations, both are his own design :)
He's learnt how to pin a pattern, how to applique, how to use a sewing machine, how to handstitch a seam and how to embroider.

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