Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Bank Holiday Monday

I spent the morning working on a new project and trying to organise another qualification course for The Girl and some of her friends.
Boykin was mostly playing Minecraft and the Girl mostly slept, recovering from her Duke of Edinburgh expedition.
In the afternoon , we got out for a walk with our neighbours. The sky was grey and it kept threatening to rain but it felt so good to be outside...

...swinging on ropes...

...climbing trees...

...walking in woods...

...and making flower garland crowns :)

How did you spend your Bank Holiday Monday?


  1. Looks like a lovely relaxing day, you don't have to do something extraordinary to have a nice time. We went to a National Trust place called Cliveden. There is so much to see there, definitely worth a visit if you are ever down south.

    1. It's unusual for us to have such a relaxing day theses days :) I'll bear Cliveden in mind, if we get down south.

  2. You definitely had more fun than us. Alas, it was just revision here. Looking forward to the end of exams!

    1. I'm dreading the exam it. I'm already finding the courses a bit restrictive. I hope the exams all go well at your end. Good luck to all concerned :)