Sunday, 16 May 2010

Railway Children

And so the Girl went on the Brownie Adventure :) I managed to get a costume together last night made from a skirt I'd altered for when we were Tudors, a blouse my mum gave me about 20 years ago, a scrap of blue velour and 3 safety pins :) I love safety pins. You can never have enough safety pins if you ask me.
She had a good day by all accounts but was a bit disappointed that they didn't get to go to the museum that went with the worksheets she was given. Bless her! There were steam trains, stations, loud and raucous singing on the coach, metal badges and yoyos and a new badge to sew on her uniform - which reminds me that I haven't sewn the ones on from camp yet. (Where can I get little faces that will go in my blog? I want the little animated ones so that I can roll my eyes at myself.)
Her friend came for tea and they played The Railway Children . They even managed to rope the Boy in for about 5 minutes until his friend came to tea too and they played football. The Girl said she thinks it's a shame these kind of clothes aren't fashionable anymore because she'd like to wear them all the time :)

I've had a pretty child-free day for a change because The Boy went to stay with his cousins last night. I spent the day doing my essay - or rather being massively distracted from doing my essay by stringing lots of stills together and doing this.

I think I'll leave the film making to my son :)

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